Introducing Pre-Fall 2023

Interior is a women’s ready-to-wear collection established in New York City. A unique mix of hard-to-find wardrobe staples and pieces that feel more like heirlooms than they do the fleeting styles of the moment, Interior is designed to be worn wherever and forever.

1Cut from crisp poplin to a voluminous, tulle-filled silhouette, the Augie is a study in subverting traditional cocktail dresses.
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Future-facing and with a wistfulness for the past, Interior does not feel tethered to a specific time. Instead, innovation and tradition come together to create an assortment that is truly unique, occupying the liminal space between past, present and future.

2The Wrinkle T-Shirt is fully-fashioned from silk yarn with a touch of merino wool for wicking in summer heat. The trompe l'oeil print adds a note of playful irreverence.
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This mix of new and old, everyday wear and eveningwear is the essential tension that gives the brand its distinctive energy.

3The Charlotte Sweater is made from a softly haloed silk and cashmere yarn. The delicate, irregular stitch makes for a directional knitwear look in warmer seasons.
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